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Sandusky called "predatory pedophile" as trial starts

BELLEFONTE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) – The prosecution branded former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky a “predatory pedophile” at the start of his child sex abuse trial on Monday, saying his young victims remained silent only out of fear and shame.

Jurors heard opening statements from the prosecution and defense in a trial closely watched in the United States. Defense lawyer Joe Amendola told the seven women and five men of the jury that Sandusky, 68, was a naive man filled with love and affection for young people.

“Jerry Sandusky, in my opinion, loves kids so much he does things that none of us would ever think of doing,” Amendola said.

In a flurry of motions filed on Monday, another defense lawyer, Karl Rominger, said he would likely call an expert witness to explain that a psychological problem suffered by Sandusky, known as histrionic personality disorder, led him to

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