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Alleged Stephen Collins victim April Price breaks silence

Stephen Collins went from being a famous and  respected actor who played the virtuous dad and minister on the hit TV series 7th Heaven to an infamous accused pedophile after his estranged wife taped him confessing to molesting three underage girls between 1973 and 1994.

April Price was one of those girls, and she is the first of Collins’ victims to come forward and tell her story in a Daily Mail Online world exclusive.

April was 13 when the then 35-year-old Collins exposed his naked penis and body to her — not once, as he’s claimed, but on three separate occasions.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Online, April, now 44 and a wife and mother in Oklahoma, breaks her silence, as she re-lives the sexual assaults she endured while on summer break in 1983.

‘I was visiting my aunt,’ April recalls. ‘She was an executive producer in

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