Angry tenant sprayed ‘rapist’ and ‘f*** you’ on landlord’s BMW after …

An angry tenant painted offensive graffiti on her landlord’s BMW causing £17,000 worth of damage after he kicked her out of her home, a court heard.

Ovace Miller left his white BMW parked outside on the street and discovered the following morning that it had been smeared in red and black spray-paint with the words ‘f**k you’, ‘liar’, ‘rapist’ and ‘no means no’.

Dalina Pop, 34, told jurors she painted the words ‘rapist’ and ‘liar’ because Mr Miller ‘invaded my privacy, my private space and my body’.

The Romanian theatre student broke down as she accused her victim of being ‘very set on destroying my career’.

No further action was taken against Mr Miller after he was interviewed by police in relation to Pop’s claims.

Pop had been renting a flat from Mr Miller in Paddington when she was asked to leave the property on August 5, 2015.

After he found offensive words sprayed

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