NYT Columnist Offers ‘Defense of Sorts’ For Alleged Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein


Somehow, someway, The New York Times opinion page, which was already odious, has outdone itself. The same newspaper that took down Harvey Weinstein inexplicably decided it would be a good idea to let Bret Stephens, whose objectionable reputation precedes him, publish a “defense of sorts” for the former Hollywood producer.

On Wednesday night Stephens shared his new “column” on Twitter and his argument, if you can even call it that, amounts to: “if only Hollywood hadn’t enabled this sexual deviant, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to assault so many women.” (Perhaps Stephens might also agree that Weinstein should have “obeyed” Mike Pence’s rules for meeting with the opposite sex.)


After laying blame on the corporate board members, assistants, reporters, actors, and executives who supposedly permitted

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