Accused serial rapist says, "We all make mistakes"


As more and more actresses, former employees, and other women continue to come forward with stories of Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of harassment, unwanted advances, and outright sexual assault; as those who have worked with Weinstein unite to banish him from the industry and openly condemn his behavior; and as every waking moment is now filled with the sordid details of a life spent exploiting his power to become one of Hollywood’s most notorious and unapologetic sexual predators, there is surely one burning question still unanswered: Hey, how’s Harvey? Is he okay?

“I’m not doing okay,” Weinstein said yesterday in a video obtained by TMZ, addressing the group of paparazzi assembled outside his daughter’s home. “I’m trying. I gotta get help, guys. You know what? We all make mistakes. Second chance, I

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