Anthony Edwards Exposes Hollywood Pedophile in Powerful Essay

Anthony Edwards is arguably best known for ER and Top Gun, but the actor has been an advocate for male victims of sexual assault for a number of years, lending his time to work with groups like Joyful Heart in an effort to raise awareness. It’s only now that Edwards has come forward to share his own personal experience of molestation, admitting that he too is a victim of sexual assault. Anthony Edwards took to Medium to write a lengthy post about his life after sexual molestation at the age of 12.

Anthony Edwards revealed that the man in question is Producer/Director Gary Goddard (Masters of the Universe) while stating that he was like a “sick father figure” to the actor when he was a child. Late this week, the 55-year-old actor says the abuse started when he was 12-years old and that Goddard was mentoring him. Edwards

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