Union boss responds to ‘pedophile’ taunt at One Nation BBQ

THE UNION representative at the receiving end of a verbal tirade from a One Nation supporter has backed his organisation’s decision to front up to the event.

Electrical Trades Union organiser Stuart Traill led a small group who attended a domestic violence fundraising barbecue hosted by One Nation Ipswich candidate Malcolm Roberts at Queen’s Park on Saturday.

Despite what amounted to a union ambush, Mr Traill said union members had been invited into the gathering by a member of fathers’ advocacy group Australian Brotherhood of Fathers, to “have a sausage”.

But things turned sour quickly as members of the media and the ETU and Queensland Council of Unions persistently asked questions regarding Mr Roberts’ stance on issues ranging from domestic violence to weekend penalty rates.

While Mr Roberts calmly refused to answer the barrage of political questions that came his way, not all of his supporters managed to maintain the same level of composure.


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