When poisonous partisanship prefers an accused pedophile

No wonder women don’t trust men — or the judicial system.

Harvey Weinstein, the late Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, Mark Halperin, Jeremy Piven, and yes, let’s not forget Donald Trump — all face multiple accusations of using their celebrityhood to sexually assault women. In the case of Kevin Spacey, it was young men.

There are four basic responses by celebrities who find themselves accused of everything from unwanted touching and indecent exposure, all the way to rape.

There are the apologize-and-beg-forgiveness types, like comedian Louis CK.

There is the pay-off-and-shut-up set, led by Weinstein. His kind are also willing to add an apology if the former approach doesn’t work. O’Reilly almost fits into this category.

Finally, there are the flat-deniers, captained by Trump, who say their accusers — in the Donald’s case, all 16 of them — are lying. Trump is joined in the Flat Denial Club by Piven and Cosby. Although 50

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