Bill Press: Pedophile vs. Democrat

Here’s a good rule of thumb about people who wear religion on their sleeve: The more they brag about how much they love Jesus, the more likely they are to count among the world’s worst sinners.

Don’t believe it? Look at Bible-Thumper Roy Moore. He struts like a Christian peacock. He campaigns as a Christian, not a Republican. He preaches allegiance to the Bible over allegiance to the Constitution. In 2005, he told me that homosexuality should be illegal, and was the same as sex with a horse. He refused to obey a court order to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments from a state building.

And even now, accused of behavior as un-Christian as you can imagine — sexually preying on four women when they were still teenagers and he was in his 30s — Moore’s defense is wrapping himself in Jesus’s cloak. “I believe you and I have

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