Violent Northamptonshire rapist jailed for 20 years

A Northamptonshire man who used rape, blackmail, indecent assault and physical beatings to control the lives of two women has been jailed.

Winston Reid, 55, of no fixed address but with links to the Wellingborough area, refused to appear at Northampton Crown Court on Friday (November 10) where all his “repugnant” crimes were read out before he was sentenced to 20 years.

But the family of one of his victims said they are “disappointed” with the sentence.

The court heard how Reid used “a campaign of rape” and threats of publishing indecent photos of his victims.

Andrew Howard, defending, said: “Reid still continues to deny the offences. There’s really nothing I can put forward to mitigate his sentence.”

Reid was arrested in 2015 following an appeal on BBC One’s Crimewatch after a number of sexual assault allegations were made against him.

A jury at Northampton Crown Court last month returned unanimous guilty verdicts

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