Accused rapist in Marion County says he’s innocent

MARION COUNTY, Fla. Tonight, we’re hearing from the army solider accused of raping an elderly woman nearly 10 years ago

Investigators say they linked him to the case through DNA.

On Tuesday, during a jail house interview Timothy Epps told TV20’s Curtis Jennings that MCSO has the wrong person in custody; and that he would never put his hands on a woman unless she wanted him to.”

Timothy Epps said, “Like I said nobody questioned me or gave me the inside scoop, they just presented me with charges.”

26-year-old Timothy Epps, who had been serving in the Army until his arrest says he can’t recall the night from 2009, when deputies say he broke into an elderly woman’s home in Reddick and raped her at gunpoint.

Timothy Epps said, “My lawyer wants to display what they’re saying, but until we get to that point you

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