Catholic Church Waits 25 Years to Reveal Pedophile Past of Arizona Professor

An Arizona State professor just resigned after the Catholic Church revealed that he sexually abused children when he was a priest… 25 years ago.


The Diocese of Brooklyn, where Rev. James Lara worked from 1973 to 1992, could have disclosed the fact that he was dropped from the ministry due to credible allegations of child molestation years ago. Instead he became an award-winning author and professor (with the name Jamie Lara).

Lara had taught at Yale Divinity School for years before becoming a professor at Arizona State University in Tempe, according to the Washington Post.

Lara was able to keep his past hidden for so long because the diocese refused to tell the public which priests were removed from ministry because of “credible” allegations of molesting children.

This is precisely the problem. He was able to keep his past a secret,

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