“Cool story, bro. You still shill for a sexual predator.” Shareblue Media exec nails the GOP

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell managed to unearth their consciences long enough to offer repudiations of Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore.

But neither of the two ostensible party leaders have seen fit to deliver similar denouncement regarding Donald Trump, whose long history of sexual harassment and predation is not just well-known — it’s admitted to by the man himself.

As Shareblue Media’s Executive Editor Jess McIntosh noted on MSNBC Tuesday, shunning Moore while supporting Trump isn’t going to fly.

“Cool story, bro. You still shill for a sexual predator,” McIntosh noted bitingly.

And as she pointed out, believing the women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse is a moot point, “because the president admitted it himself.”

And all the severed funding agreements with Moore can’t make up for the persistent

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