Corey Feldman Names Third Suspect in Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Corey Feldman is continuing to crusade against the Hollywood Pedophile Ring that he hopes to bring down in his upcoming Truth movie. His initial plan was to have people donate $10 million to his cause, so he could produce and distribute the movie himself, revealing the names of those who allegedly molested him as a child. In the weeks since announcing this project, he has already confirmed the names of two men who, he claims, sexually molested him as a young actor in Hollywood. Now, he has confirmed a third name.

Feldman made a return appearance on Dr. Oz, where he shared the name of this third man who took advantage of him starting at the age of 12. The reason Corey is naming him now is that the man has already been outed in the press. He is Alphy Hoffman, who used to run a series

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