Cape community ‘wanted to kill’ alleged rapist

A little girl’s life has been shattered and a Cape Town community – bursting at the seams with anger – must now wait for the law to take its course while her alleged rapist is in custody, awaiting his fate.

Joanie Fredericks, of the Mitchells Plain Crisis Forum, said: “The community eventually calmed down. There is no major police presence any more, and no tyres are being burned.

“The man has been taken into custody, and we believe the mother has been too, for negligence.”

This scenario stands in sharp contrast to the events on Friday, when a furious mob stood around the 57-year-old suspect’s house, baying for his blood and rattling the gate and fence, with violence spreading to other parts of the community as well.

“People were throwing stones and were going to kill him,” said Fredericks.

“Even though there was frustration at the police, we think they did a fantastic job. There

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