Convicted sexual predator moves near Downtown Fresno – KFSN

A fenceline surrounding a little less than an acre is the farthest Jeffery Snyder can go without a personal monitor.

Snyder walked into his apartment at the El Muir Motel with an employee of Liberty Healthcare, which is responsible for him during his conditional release from Coalinga State Hospital.

Snyder is a sexually violent predator, and he spent an extra 14 years confined in Coalinga after he finished his punishment on the last of five convictions for sex crimes.

So even after a judge decided he earned his release, finding him somewhere to stay was challenging.

Liberty Healthcare employee, Tim Fletcher said, “We did not want to put him in a residential area close to families and schools and other areas that we have concerns about.”

Two communities rejected proposed placements, including Squaw Valley, where someone set fire to the home Liberty agreed to rent for him.

Only ten people complained to the judge about his

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