WATCH | How to catch a serial rapist

Serial rape is a growing concern in South Africa‚ highlighted in the manhunt under way in the Etwatwa township in Ekurhuleni‚ Gauteng. Police say 25 rape cases in the area are all linked to the same suspect and believe the rapist watches his victims and approaches them under the guise of being a municipality official offering employment.

Labuschagne‚ who has since started a threat management consultancy‚ says serial rapists will continue raping as long as they are free‚ making it essential for police to use all available techniques to put them behind bars.

“They almost have this inner psychological script – some people call it a fantasy – that guides them‚ which means they’ll try and repeat it over and over… which is why we say they will continue to commit the crime as long as they are capable and free to continue committing the crime‚” says Labuschagne.

DNA has proven to be

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