Alleged pedophile erroneously released from Rikers; victims’ family terrified, outraged

A terrified Staten Island family cowered for hours at home after their predator patriarch, jailed for molesting two relatives ages 6 and 7, was mistakenly sprung from Rikers Island.

Oft-arrested James Alvarez, 53, spent 18 hours as a free man after the monumental mix-up put him back on the streets instead of back in his cell following a Monday pre-trial hearing in Staten Island, sources said.

He was accused of forcing the younger child into oral and anal sex and the older child into anal sex before his May arrest, and a relative said he threatened to kill both kids unless they kept their mouths shut about the alleged sex assaults that occurred in early 2016.

“We were scared,” the accused pedophile’s daughter told the Daily News about his accidental release. “The victims were my daughter and my sister. What if he decides to return?”

De Blasio administration stalling Rikers

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