“It Gives Me No Pleasure to See a Pedophile Win”: The Alt-Right …

Bannon, who was in Japan at the time the scandal broke, himself pondered whether to drop Moore, allegedly saying that he would “put [Moore] in a grave myself” if the allegations were true. He’s since gotten over his qualms: “‘I can’t believe we got this guy,’‘’ the source recounted Bannon saying. “But that’s the hand we were dealt.”

“Steve legitimately doesn’t believe that any of those things are true,” he continued. “If there’s positive evidence that he did those things, Steve would drop him.”

For Bannonites, Moore is an instrument and an attitude. “The thing that binds Steve Bannon and Roy Moore isn’t Christianity or a similar set of political beliefs,” said former Breitbart correspondent Lee Stranahan. “The thing that binds the two of them is defiance.”

Moore’s value in the Senate may even have been increased by the scandal and ensuing drama. Moore has been weaponized. “He knows why he’s

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