The GOP is the Party of Roy Moore – the accused pedophile | Editorial

Just when he needed an ego massage, Roy Moore – who once accidentally stabbed himself with a murder weapon while prosecuting a case in an Alabama courtroom – is the new tip of the spear for the Republican party.

Yes, the GOP already welcomes candidates who are despised by party establishment, notorious for incendiary viewpoints, and saddled by accusations of sexual impropriety. And it has a history of pushing that bandwagon when their campaign hits the final furlong.

The difference is that Donald Trump’s party has now gone all-in with an accused child molester, after that particular depravity seemed like a deal-breaker 3 weeks ago.

Most took their cue from the President: With the Senate election one week away, Trump checked the polls and endorsed Moore Monday, and overnight his super PAC poured $1.1 million into Moore’s campaign.

Three weeks after cancelling its joint fundraising agreement, the Republican National Committee, which takes orders

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