John Worboys: Black cab rapist’s victims ‘living in fear’ over release …

Victims of John Worboys are “living in fear” as they await his imminent release from prison without knowing where he will live or what controls he will be put under, lawyers have said.

Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer who is representing 11 of his victims, told The Independent many were losing faith that the criminal justice system could protect them.

“Worboys had the addresses of a lot of these women because he dropped them off at their homes, and we know from the criminal file that he kept a notebook with the details,” he added.

“None of these women have been told anything about what the licence conditions are and a lot of them are very concerned for their safety.

“We don’t know where he will be living – could they go into the supermarket and bump into him?”

MPs and members of the House of Lords demanded to know why the Parole

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