Juanita Broaddrick slams Oprah: ‘My rapist was/is your friend, Bill Clinton’

Juanita Broaddrick wants to know why plaudits are being heaped upon Oprah Winfrey for her Golden Globes speech despite offering muted criticism of former President Bill Clinton for decades.

Celebrities cheered Sunday when Ms. Winfrey told abusive men that “their time is up” due to the #MeToo movement, but Ms. Broaddrick says she’s a hypocrite. The 75-year-old, who has maintained for decades that Mr. Clinton raped her in 1978, took to social media this week to blast Ms. Winfrey — a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party — for selective moral outrage.

“Hey @Oprah #GoldenGlobes,” Ms. Broaddrick tweeted Monday. “Funny I’ve never heard you mention my name. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Guess not. My rapist was/is your friend, Bill Clinton.”

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