Worboys victim fears black cab rapist may attempt to contact her

The woman said she had little confidence in the parole system after receiving a letter from the Ministry of Justice, warning her of his imminent release.

It read: “The following licence condition will be placed on his licence: Not to approach or communicate, directly or indirectly, the victims of the index offence without the prior approval of the Supervising Officer.”

The victim, who did not want to be identified, told Sky News: “That doesn’t fill me with confidence. Our safety is a big issue. He knows where I live, he had my address.

“What will the police do to make us feel safe? He will be under surveillance, but we won’t be.”

She said she hoped another of Worboys’ licence conditions will be that he stays out of London, where he attacked all his victims in a long campaign of rape and sexual assault.

Read more at: https://news.sky.com/story/worboys-victim-fears-black-cab-rapist-may-attempt-to-contact-her-11201411

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