Kidnapped teen saved after convincing rapist to give back her phone

A 19-year-old Georgia woman, who was allegedly kidnapped and raped at knifepoint, was able to escape her attacker after tricking him into letting her use her phone.

Jaila Gladden was forced into her own car with a blade pushed into her back in a Carrollton shopping centre carpark by a man who had asked her for a lighter moments earlier, Buzzfeed News reported.

The university student said her alleged attacker – identified as Timothy Wilson – told her he planned to drive to Atlanta then stopped outside an abandoned church to rape her.

He has been charged with multiple offences including kidnapping, rape and hijacking a motor vehicle.

Jaila Gladden was able to escape her alleged rapist after convincing him to hand over her phone. (Buzzfeed)

According to Buzzfeed, she protested when he told her to take her clothing off but he continued his advances and said there was “no purpose in

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