Chesterfield Township child sexual predator gets two 25-year terms

A 45-year-old Chesterfield Township man was sentenced to unprecedented punishment of two 25-year terms stacked on top of each other for raping a 12-year-old girl.

James Beck received the sentence Jan. 9 from Judge Jennifer Faunce of Macomb County Circuit Court upon request from Assistant Macomb Prosecutor Nicole Blank following a November jury trial.

“He should be the poster child for why we have consecutive sentencing,” Blank told the judge.

Consecutive sentencing requires the defendant to serve the two terms separately whereas concurrent terms are served simultaneously. Typically, those who receive multiple 25-year mandatory minimum terms have served them concurrently. The 25-year terms applied to this case because the victims were under 13 and the defendant was over 17.

“The defendant acted as a predator and is a risk to our community’s safety,” Faunce said.

Beck was convicted of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for raping the girl twice last February in the

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