Could paint linked to East Area Rapist be traced to companies that sold or used it?

Q: I thought I read that they found “paint flecks” at at least one of the rape or murder sites linked to the East Area Rapist. Were there enough paint flecks to identify the type of paint? Could such paint from the late 1970s be chemically identified to determine not only the type of paint, but brand, manufacturer, year, where such paint was sold and what companies may have used that paint?

Richard Hildebrand, Fair Oaks

A: Traces of blue paint were found in three back-to-back East Area Rapist cases in Sacramento County in 1977, said Ken Clark, a supervisor and detective with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau.

He described them as microscopic chips of paint that likely came from someone using a paint sprayer. In the late ’70s, he said, paint sprayers typically were used only by professional painters, leading investigators to focus on someone engaged

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