Serial rapist who drugged women he considered ‘disposable’ gets life in prison

His accomplice, Norton, testified during the trial as part of an eight-year plea agreement in the case. 

Norton said he routinely found escorts and prostitutes for Davis. He was the one who invited the women to Davis’ house in 2008. 

The woman who testified against Davis said she didn’t know him before that August night. 

They were smoking methamphetamine together and then took some GHB. But after drinking a wine cooler, the woman said she couldn’t move her legs.

“Everything was like in slow motion,” she said.

She had trouble walking and noticed that the door was locked from the inside with a key.  

She remembers parts of the assault, including saying “no.”

Defense attorney Toby Shook asked if she consented to sex.

“I didn’t even know what I was doing, so, no,” the woman replied.

At one point during the night, Norton said he caught Davis filming him have sex with one of the

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