Raped at 8, pregnant at 10, forced to marry her rapist at 11

Story by Moni Basu
Photograph by Cassi Alexandra

Continued from last week

You’re going to have a baby, her mother blurted out in the car. Who’s been messing with you?

I tried to tell you, Johnson replied. But you said I was lying.

A doctor examined her and gave her the news: She was seven months pregnant. She did the math and knew it was the deacon’s baby.

*Johnson (left) with Moni Basu

Her mother stood up in church and told everyone her daughter was lying about being raped. She blamed Johnson for bringing shame on the family and sent her away to Miami with the bishop who had raped her. She was dropped off at Jackson Memorial Hospital and left there alone to have her baby.

On a February night in 1970, Johnson, only

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