Marietta mom helps catch sexual predator | An 11Alive investigation – WXIA

For five years, a Marietta mom hoped she was imagining the worst.

Jaquelyn (who requested 11Alive use only her first name to protect her son) wanted to believe that the hundreds of text messages sent to her son were innocent. She prayed her hunch that something sinister could be going on with her son’s wrestling coach was a misunderstanding.

“I always just thought to myself, God, please show me that my suspicions are wrong,” Jaquelyn said.

But Jaquelyn’s mother’s instinct was right on. Yet, it would take her five years of filing complaints, searching and collecting evidence before law enforcement would step in to stop Ron Gorman.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for Jaquelyn to convince anyone her son’s coach was abusing children. In fact, she says Gorman came across as helpful when they first met in 2009. She originally viewed him as a family friend who was there

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