Tampa woman forced to marry her rapist at 11 years old, fights to end child marriage in America

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — In Florida’s halls of power, Sherry Johnson is somewhat of an anomaly: a black woman who grew up destitute and survived child abuse.

Her story is shocking. Raped at 8 and pregnant at 10, she was forced to marry her rapist at 11. She had to abandon high school after the babies kept coming.

For years, she kept silent. But now, her voice rings clear in chambers where the state’s laws are made. Her unrelenting public pleas to end child marriage are being heard.

In Florida marriage laws, a loophole that allows children under the age of 16 to get married if they’re pregnant and have the consent of their parents.

After a lifetime of struggle, Johnson’s time has come. Finally.

At 58, she sports a head full of thick, tight curls and a pantsuit that would make Hillary Clinton proud. She navigates the corridors of the Capitol with a black binder

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