Robbie Burns: Is Scotland’s bard a romantic, rascal or rapist?

As a literary storm of #MeToo proportions rages in the British press, is Dunedin doing its own Burns bashing or standing by its man? Helen Speirs investigates.

“It’s been years since a white man was this nervous in Hollywood,” host Seth Meyers quipped at last month’s Golden Globes in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles.

At the red-carpet event, which heralded the start of the Hollywood awards season, Meyers went on to joke that, for the male nominees present: “This is the first time in three months it won’t be terrifying to hear your name read out loud.”

It was, in fact, no laughing matter. Meyers was referring to Hollywood’s hall of shame, the growing tally of male A-list actors and producers outed for sexual harassment and worse.

As the list of women telling their stories has grown, and Hollywood’s House

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