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Suspected rapist set would-be victim’s house ablaze in Delta

By Emma Amaize

ASABA—A 21-year-old man, Jonathan, has allegedly set ablaze the residence of 36-year-old Joy Godwin of Okuokoko town, Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, for allegedly preventing him from raping her younger sister, Mercy, 26.

Vanguard learned that Joy, who demonstrated bravery when the suspect allegedly broke into their home, hit him on the head with a wood, as he attempted to rape Mercy.

Commissioner of Police, Delta Command, Mr. Zanna Ibrahim, who confirmed the incident, said the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, was currently handling the case of arson.

He said the complainant told the Police that the suspect “came to knock on her door, but she refused to open the door for him, only for him to jump into the compound through the fence and forcefully attempted to rape her younger sister, Mercy.

“The complainant hit him with a wood on his head and

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Pedophile crackdown passes lower house

The Turnbull government is confident it will get support from the Senate crossbench to introduce compulsory jail terms for serious child sex offenders.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has scolded Labor in parliament for its opposition to the proposal, even though it backs every other tough new measure.

The bill, which passed the lower house on Thursday, imposes mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders and offences that attract the highest penalties.

Labor argues mandatory sentences let “guilty people off the hook” because juries are less likely to convict them knowing there’s no discretion about the sentence and they act as a disincentive for criminals to plead guilty.

Opposition justice spokeswoman Clare O’Neil also fears unintended consequences – such as 18-year-olds in a consensual relationship with a 15-year-old being automatically jailed for engaging in sexual activity overseas.

But Mr Keenan said that claim – also made by the Law Council – was “absurd”.

It was already a crime

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Woman questioned by her alleged kidnapper, convicted rapist

OAKLAND — A woman who said she was kidnapped but managed to escape in Berkeley earlier this year was questioned by her alleged kidnapper — a six-time convicted rapist — on Wednesday.

Sitting on the witness stand Wednesday at the Rene C. Davidson courthouse, victim “Jane Doe” testified against defendant Whittier Buck Buchanan, 60. In a bizarre scenario, because Buchanan is representing himself in his trial, he’s able to cross-examine the woman he allegedly kidnapped.

Buchanan is charged with kidnapping to commit a sex crime, assault with the intent to commit a sex crime and failing to register as a sex offender after an address change, following the events on May 2 in Berkeley.

The woman, who looked mostly down behind her black thick-rimmed glasses, repeated the night’s events as the jury of seven men and five women listened. On the night of May 2, she was sitting on the front steps of her apartment

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‘I’m a pedophile’: Naked man tries to grab teen near school

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia police say they’ve arrested a naked man who tried to grab a teenage girl near a school, then shouted “I’m a pedophile” and “kill me.”

Police have yet to release the identity of the man or the charges being filed against him in the bizarre incident Tuesday afternoon near the Science Leadership Academy at Beeber.

Police tell WCAU-TV the man, in his 30s, tried to lure the 14-year-old girl.

A witness tells the station that two bystanders and a security guard intervened and captured the man until police arrived.

The witness, Donta Fennell, says the man was screaming, “I’m a pedophile! I’m a rapist! I don’t care about life! I don’t care about anything! Kill me!”

Police say the girl wasn’t harmed.

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LA Clinton Pal: Trump’s a ‘Sexual Predator,’ Bill’s Sexual Misconduct Was ‘None of Our Business’

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason was a TV-producing heavyweight in 1992 – most notably with the CBS hit Designing Women – when she promoted the Clintons with a gushy Democratic convention video. Even then, we thought it was fascinating her show had a big “I Believe Anita Hill” episode as she backed Slick Willie…although it was two years before Paula Jones took him to court.

On Wednesday, Bloodworth-Thomason penned a “guest column” in The Hollywood Reporter titled “Lessons from Witnessing Four Decades of Harassment in Hollywood.” This is the quick-and-dirty summation: Donald Trump is a “sexual predator,” but Bill Clinton was unfortunately tagged for “sexual misconduct…that was none of our business.”

I, myself, was a member of a “Let’s Bring Harvey Weinstein Down” lunch club, and I don’t even work in features. However, I will be the first to admit that clearly delineated moral choices can still be painfully complex

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Pedophile serial killer who raped and murdered four girls to be executed

Pedophile serial killer who raped and murdered four girls to be executed
Anthony Allen Shore was known as the Tourniquet Killer (Picture: Getty Images)

A pedophile serial killer who raped and murdered four girls is set to die by lethal injection on Wednesday.

Anthony Shore, known as the Tourniquet Killer, is due to be put to death at the Huntsville Unit in Texas after losing a Supreme Court appeal to put a stay on his execution.

Moment cop has such a massive panic attack he has to be disarmed

The 55-year-old was put on death row back in 2004 following convictions for rape and murder of female victims who were aged between nine and 21 and targeted between 1986 and 2003.

His sister, Laurel Scheel, said: ‘He should be killed. He was a good brother, but

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Gabrielle Union Reveals She Tried To Kill Her Rapist

In 1992, the actress was working at a Payless shoe store and was raped at gunpoint. In an interview with Nightline, Union, 44,  described how her life was impacted by the assault. “What happened was graphic and violent and life-changing and altering,” she said. “The woman in that back room is dead and I’m the phoenix that rose from the ashes.”

The Being Mary Jane star also revealed that she tried to kill her rapist: “It was literally an out-of-body experience. That me and the me on the ground getting raped became one and I grabbed the gun and I did my best to try and kill him because I really felt I was about to die. So it was either going to be him or me, and it wasn’t going to be me, not on that day.”

We salute Gabrielle Union for telling her story, which

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Worried About Leftists Running Imaginary Pedophile Rings? Don’t Kill Your Dad Over It!

In August, Lane Maurice Davis plead “not guilty” to first degree murder. He’s accused of having stabbed his father to death following a fight with his parents during which he accused them of being “leftists” and “pedophiles.” Davis admitted he stabbed his father, but entered a “not guilty” plea because he insists it wasn’t premeditated.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Davis was recently outed as “Seattle4Truth” — a prolific internet hatemonger who not only posted obsessively on the The_Donald subreddit, but also wrote for the Gamergate hate site The Ralph Retort. You may recall its proprietor Ethan Ralph, from the time he stalked and harassed games developer Brianna Wu, the time Ralph was arrested for assaulting an officer, or at least from the “Law And Order: SVU” episode based on his stalking habits.

Davis’ alter-ego was

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Rosie O’Donnell Says You Can’t Compare a Predator President Trump to Weinstein

Rosie O’Donnell is calling out the hosts of NBC’s Morning Joe for making a “false equivalence” between President Donald Trump and disgraced film executive Harvey Weinstein—one of which she feels is much worse than the other.

On Wednesday morning the 55-year-old comedian tweeted: “hey morning joe – TRUMP is the president – harvey weinstein never was – both are gross sexual predators but its a false equivalence #tvHOSTS.” Her tweet is in response to a comment made by Donny Deutsch, who is not a host but a regular guest on Morning Joe, on Friday.

“Like our president, everything is about [Weinstein]. There are a lot of parallels—I’m not calling our president a sexual predator—but there are a lot of parallels in the psyche of these two guys,” said Deutsch, the former host of the CNBC talk show The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch.

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