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Sierra LaMar’s dad tells rapist/killer about family’s anguish

You have daughters. How would you feel if someone took one away from you and murdered her?

You are lucky for the sentence you received. You get to wake up everyday.

You still get to see your daughters.

You still get to see the rest of your family.

You still get to see your friends.

The sentence you gave us because of your actions is much worse.

I can never see Sierra again.

Her sister can never see her again.

Her mother will never see her again.

All of Sierra’s aunts, uncles and cousins can never see her again.

All of Sierra’s friends can never see her again.

Everyday, we think of Sierra being murdered, so young. When she had her whole life ahead of her. And for no reason. She was so innocent, just walking to the bus stop to go to school like any normal day.

Everyday, we have to agonize about not knowing what happened and why and where

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Alabama deliberates: Is Judge Moore ‘pedophile’ or ‘honorable man’? – Chicago Sun

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — After all the charges, denials, claims and promises, Alabama voters have had their say. Polls closed across the state Tuesday night after a scandal-stained Senate election campaign that tested the limits of party loyalty in the age of President Donald Trump and — win or lose — promised significant political consequences for Republicans everywhere.

At the center of the special election was fiery Christian conservative Roy Moore — “Judge Moore” to his supporters. The 70-year-old Republican was twice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice after flouting federal law. This year he attempted a political resurrection against party officials horrified by accusations that he was guilty of sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

In Moore’s path stood Democrat Doug Jones, 63, a former U.S. attorney best known for prosecuting two Ku Klux Klansmen who killed four black girls in Birmingham’s infamous 1963 church bombing.

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Police release again composite sketch in Kansas College Rapist case

The Riley County Police Department has released a composite sketch in connection with the Kansas College Rapist who is believed to have been terrorizing students at K-State and KU since 2000.

They are hopeful that by releasing the photo again that anyone living or visiting Manhattan and K-State may recognize the individual, RCPD said in a release.

The sketch represents what the man looked like in October 2000, so it is expected that his appearance has changed.

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Investigators have linked 14 cases in Manhattan and Lawrence to the rapist, including two attempted rapes. All the victims were students at Kansas State University or the

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Multiple Agency Investigation, DNA Evidence Leads To Arrest Of …

DNA evidence linked a man to three sexual assault incidents, two of which involved him breaking into New London homes and threatening the victims with a firearm, police said.

Monte Philip White, 34, was charged with three counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault, two counts of home invasion and risk of injury to a minor. He is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail.

New London police said that on Oct. 29 a woman reported she was sexually assaulted while she was inside of her home in a large apartment complex on Hawthorne Drive. The victim reported the suspect entered her home, threatened her with a firearm and sexually assaulted her.

Detectives began an investigation, gathered evidence from the scene, details of the assault and the description of the suspect, police said.

Convicted Pacific Beach rapist sentenced |

Accused Pacific Beach rapist, PB, sexual assault

Jacob Skorniak (Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department)

Accused Pacific Beach rapist, PB, sexual assault

Jacob Skorniak (Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department)

SAN DIEGO — A career criminal who raped a 21-year-old German exchange student at knifepoint in San Diego then videotaped himself sexually assaulting her was sentenced Tuesday to the maximum 81 years to life in prison.

Jacob Paul Skorniak, 51, was convicted in June of forcible rape, kidnapping for rape and sexual penetration of an unconscious person.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa Fox said the attack has left the victim scarred for life.

“This was a brutal, forceful rape of an innocent victim,” the prosecutor told Judge Runston Maino. “This individual (Skorniak) is the worst of the worst.”

Fox said the victim was just two blocks away from her home

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Katherine Clark says women know Donald Trump is an ‘insecure sexual predator’

Congresswoman Katherine Clark joined Senator Elizabeth Warren and others in her party condemning President Donald Trump’s Twitter attack on New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

“Women know Trump is ‘that guy’ — the insecure sexual predator who bullies any woman who dares to hold him accountable,” Clark tweeted.

The Democrat representing the 5th District of Massachusetts said the president should be terrified by Gillibrand.

“She won’t be intimidated and neither will we,” Clark said.

Trump tweeted early Tuesday that Gillibrand would come to his office “begging” for campaign contributions, adding that she “would

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Convicted rapist who subjected victim to ‘terrifying’ ordeal dies as lung cancer spreads to brain

A rapist who was convicted of a string of horrific sexual offences has died in prison of lung cancer.

Cezary Anatol Stolarski, 49, of London Road Boston was jailed for 12 years in 2014 for subjecting his victim to a ‘terrifying ordeal’.

Cezary Anatol Stolarski

Cezary Anatol Stolarski

He was found guilty of false imprisonment, causing a female to engage in sexual activity without consent, attempted sexual assault and two counts of rape at Birmingham Crown Court and locked up in Lincoln Prison.

Stolarski, who had been a heavy smoker all his life, smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day, was diagnosed with lung cancer a year into his jail sentence.

The cancerous mass on his lung eventually spread to his brain and kidney and he was taken to St Barnabas hospice in Lincoln two days before he died on January 20 this year.

Rapist, 63, arrested for 1980 cold case murder of girl | Daily Mail …

  • Suzanne Bombardier was murdered in Antioch, Northern California, in 1980 
  • Mitchell Bacom, 63, was arrested for her rape and killing on Monday 
  • Police say he was a suspect at the time but can now finally be arrested thanks to new DNA technology
  • Suzanne was babysitting her three young nieces at her sister’s apartment when she was taken between 1.30am and 4am on June 21 
  • Her body was found in the San Joaquin River five days later and she had been stabbed in the heart
  • Bacom had already been jailed for raping and robbing another woman when Suzanne vanished
  • He was jailed for another rape and robbery a year after the teenager’s killing  

Jennifer Smith For

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