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John Worboys: Cabbie rapist allegations must be reassessed …

The case of Kerim Koroglu sums up just about everything that is wrong with this country when it comes to illegal immigration. 

He managed to get in on the back of a lorry, pocketed handouts he was not entitled to for six years and then when he was found out the Home Office failed to deport him. 

Is it any wonder this country is seen around the world as such a soft touch? 

Unless and until we get a grip on the problem, public confidence in government on all sides of the political divide is going to continue to erode. 

Most people are sick of our country’s hospitality being abused in this way and they despair when they see so little is being done.

As for the Home Office, it is clearly not fit for purpose. Perhaps the Prime Minister, who presided over it for six years, might like to have a word. 


Battered black

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Police to challenge payout ruling for victims of cabbie rapist John Worboys

John Worboys committed over 100 crimes

The Metropolitan Police will go to the Supreme Court to challenge a ruling which led to two women who were seriously sexually assaulted by London cabbie John Worboys being awarded compensation.

One of the women, identified only as DSD, was the first of Worboys’ victims to make a complaint to the Met in 2003 while the other, NBV, contacted them after she was attacked in July 2007.

Between 2002 and 2008, Worboys, who was jailed for life in 2009, carried out more than 100 rapes and sexual assaults using alcohol and drugs to stupefy his victims.

In 2014, after the High Court ruled that the Met were liable to the women for failures in its investigation, it said DSD and NBV, who brought their claims under Article 3 of the Human Rights

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Rapist cabbie was allowed to keep driving taxi despite kerb-crawling conviction

A rapist cabbie was allowed to keep working as a taxi driver and doorman despite being caught kerb-crawling.

Yassar Murat Ayuc raped a victim near Rock Ferry oil terminal and when she “played dead”, covered her with leaves and branches.

The burly 49-year-old later said the drunken woman forced herself on him, was “too strong” and he feared she would damage his penis.

A jury rejected his claims and found Ayuc – known as Turkish Tony – guilty of raping her in the early hours of Sunday, June 5.

Yassar Murat Ayuc, 49, of no fixed address, demies raping a woman on the New Ferry Bypass in the early hours of Sunday, June 5.

The ECHO revealed he was banned from the road for six months in 2015 after driving hen parties around in an illegal stretch limousine.

But that was not his first brush with the law, as he

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