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Rapist moved prison after reporting Bellfield’s confession | Daily Mail …

  • Rapist Richard Baker has allegedly been moved out of HMP Frankland, Durham
  • Baker and Bellfield in the same prison but fears mounted over Baker’s safety
  • Michael Stone is currently serving three life sentences for the 1996 murders 

Charlie Bayliss For Mailonline

Accused member of pedophile ring denies confession proves his guilt

An accused member of the “Evil Seven” pedophile ring claims his alleged confession to child sex abuse doesn’t prove his guilt because he was stressed at the time.

Alfred Impicciatore is accused of abusing a 13-year-old girl who was pimped out by her father and has pleaded not guilty to four charges.

In a video police interview shown to the judge, the 47-year-old told police he had sex with the girl, who he thought was 17.

Alfred Impicciatore denies the charges.

Mr Impicciatore’s lawyer says he was tired, cold and anxious when he made the alleged admission.

His defence counsel also says that while Impicciatore’s DNA was found on a used condom wrapper at the victim’s house, it is only proof his client touched it, not that he used it – a claim rejected by the judge. 

The verdict will be revealed next week.

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