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Pedophile fire chief resigns from post amid controversy | Daily Mail …

  • Chief Roger Gilbert Jr. was convicted of sexual intercourse with a four-year-old in 2001  
  • Spartansburg Mayor Ann Louise Wagner stood by him despite his status as a registered sex offender for his crime in 2000
  • The victim’s mother does not believe he should be in a post where he could interact with children 
  • Gilbert says ‘I’ve changed my life for the better’ since the crime – but he resigned after death threats and outrage

Dailymail.com Reporter

‘Rapist Priest’ Headstone Controversy Resolved

A man who fought a Michigan Catholic diocese over a headstone mentioning his late mother’s support for victims of “rapist priests” finally reached a compromise that satisfied both parties.

Jack Ruhl battled with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet for permission to grace the grave of his mother, Marguerite Ridgeway, with a headstone bearing an inscription that mentioned her support for victims of “rapists priests” in Assumption Cemetery in Wheaton, Ill. Ruhl finally reached a compromise with the diocese in December, however, and agreed to an inscription that mentions “priest sexual abuse victims” instead of “priest rapist victims,” according to the Associated Press.

“I suspect that it is the best I can do for my mother,” Ruhl told the Chicago Tribune . “I am certain that my mother would have wanted this and that she would be happy with this inscription.”

The headstone was installed Dec.

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County says few alternatives in sex offender hotel controversy

February 02, 2017 11:16 PM

The controversial placement of paroled sex offenders in public hotels is an “emergency housing” measure for which there are few alternatives, Monroe County social workers said Thursday.

“They are homeless. They need somewhere to go,” explained Community Homeless Coordinator Becky Miglioratti.

The state and the county came under fire when leaders in the town of Gates discovered that convicted sex offender Janet Martin had been placed in the Radiance Inn and Suites on Lyell Avenue for almost a month after she was paroled following two decades in Albion Correctional Facility.

“They’re just pushing the person back into the community who doesn’t have a job, no place to go, no family, no shelter,” exclaimed Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini. “What do they expect is going to happen? It’s a time bomb.”

Miglioratti said Martin fell into a challenging, tiny and “unique population,” women sex offenders with no family or home to

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