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Rapist used dating app to lure victims across the country, police say

She met him on a dating site, where Seth Mull’s profile said he was “serious about finding the perfect match.” She found him attractive: Mull was fit, with huge biceps and ripped abs. He was kind, too, quickly gaining her trust.

The couple met at a Pennsylvania hotel, where they drank and listened to music. She said she’d made it clear to him ahead of time: No sex.

Mull had other ideas, according to court documents, taking her hostage in his hotel room, raping her repeatedly and burning her with a lighter. “You look into his eyes,” the 24-year-old New Jersey woman told The Associated Press, “and you see the devil.”

The woman, authorities say, had blundered into the clutches of an interstate serial predator, one who used guile and charm to lure unwitting victims into a dark, violent world of sexual exploitation.

Authorities say Mull, 30, lured women online and pounced on them

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Ireland could be first EU country to cancel convicted pedophile’s passports

Dublin priest says the “protection of human rights and the dignity of women and children is breaking down”

Ireland could soon be following Australia’s lead by becoming the first country in Europe to cancel passports of convicted pedophiles in a bid to prevent them to traveling overseas. The campaign championing this idea for Ireland is being led by Irish priest Father Shay Cullen, a four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee who runs People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance (PREDA), a child abuse charity in the Philippines.

Ireland is expected to introduce a draft of this new legislation later in October. It would mean that convicted pedophiles would be prohibited from traveling overseas.

Cullen, who was born in Dublin, said the introduction of legislation such as this would prevent registered sex offenders from traveling abroad. He also said this legislation would particularly benefit developing nations where sex tourism and child prostitution are major problems.

Speaking to

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Angry 200-strong mob shouting ‘paedo’ and ‘nonce’ riot in quiet country village as they hurl stones at house of …

  • More than 200 protesters threw stones at a house of a suspected paedophile
  • Angry mob – some shouting ‘paedo’ and ‘nonce’ – were broken up by at about 4am when 24-year-old woman and another person were escorted from house
  • Crowd had gathered after 9pm on Tuesday night after a series of sex allegations 

Rachael Burford For Mailonline

Slovakian serial rapist will be deported back to his home country after he was found hiding behind a WARDROBE in …

  • Officers from West Yorkshire Police found the man during a search in Girlington 
  • He was wanted in connection with multiple serious sexual offences in Slovakia 
  • Cops searched four different houses and eventually found him at the fourth one 

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Child rapist who fled country is jailed | Central – ITV News – ITV.com

A man from Stoke-on-Trent who fled the country after being convicted of raping a child has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Muhammad Avais was originally jailed for 19 years after a trial that was held in his absence. Today (3 Feb), he was given an extra 12 months.

He initially travelled to Pakistan but spent the last 12 months in Abu Dhabi where he was re-arrested.

Our correspondent Rajiv Popat was given exclusive access to Staffordshire Police as they tracked Avais down in Abu Dhabi.

Detective Constable Jason Reaney, from the Fugitive and Extradition Unit, said:

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