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Sexual predator sparks Pendleton man to sound alarm



Sexual offender Steven “Max” Duggan in September announced on Facebook he was moving back to Pendleton. Dan Logman alerted to the post like a guard dog to an intruder and has been barking about it since.

Logman said Duggan back in 2009 harassed his girlfriend, now wife, Vanessa Logman. When he told Duggan over the phone to stop, he said Duggan showed up 90 minutes later at their front door. That was enough for Logman to determine he was dangerous.

“That’s when I started researching who he was,” Logman said.

He found Duggan’s criminal past, which includes 1990 and 2001 Umatilla County convictions for rape and sodomy. Police told him to treat Duggan as a serious threat.

Logman, a burly man who bench presses more than 400 pounds, said he kept track of Duggan

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