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New Details About Video Accusing YouTuber Shane Dawson Of Being A ‘Pedophile’

He called a 6-year-old “sexy.”

YouTube star Shane Dawson has been accused of being a pedophile after a podcast interview he did six years ago resurfaced in which he referred to a 6-year-old girl as “sexy.”

Someone compiled a five-minute video originally titled “Shane Dawson is a pedophile. Here’s proof.” It was posted Jan. 10, but has since been removed by YouTube. It featured some highly inappropriate comments from Dawson. 

“Here’s my justification for pedophilia,” he starts. “People have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about everything, that’s fine, do your thing. So why is it when somebody looks at and Googles like ‘naked baby’ on Google and j**ks off to it, they can get arrested? I don’t understand that.”

YouTuber Shane Dawson Apologizes for Pedophilia Jokes

Dawson made the comments on a 2013 podcast.

YouTuber Shane Dawson is addressing a controversy related to old comments that Dawson made about pedophilia, spurred by a video posted Wednesday (Jan. 10) on Pop Blast’s now-terminated YouTube channel.

“I want to apologize first,” says Dawson, 29, whose real name is Shane Yaw. “I am sorry that I used to make really shitty fucking jokes… Back in the day… I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.”

The now-deleted Pop Blast video included edited audio from a July 1, 2013 podcast on Dawson’s “Shane and Friends” show in which he and co-host Lauren Schnipper were discussing an encounter Dawson had in public with a “child who was probably six years old” who began talking about Instagram with Dawson.

In the featured clip that brought Dawson under fire, he was explaining

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YouTuber Shane Dawson Is Furious After Video Takes Words out of Context: "I Am Not a F–king Pedophile"

YouTuber Shane Dawson is beyond furious on Jan. 10. A random fan account put out an edited video in which Shawn made jokes about being a pedophile, and took his words out of context to make it sound like he was calling babies “sexy.” He has since released a 15-minute video apologizing for the immature jokes that he made in a podcast six years ago, but making it very clear that none of it is even remotely true. “I am not a f—king pedophile,” he says repeatedly, insisting that the accusations are “disgusting.”

Shane says that back when he said those things, he was insecure, and was trying to make people laugh by shocking them. “I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t confident enough to make smart jokes. I was doing s–t that

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