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Victims raise funds to legally challenge rapist John Worboys release

They have asked the Parole Board to postpone his freedom until the outcome of a potential judicial review of its decision to let him out.

Worboys, 60, is expected to walk free as early as the end of next week after being granted parole.

He has served a year more than the minimum eight-year sentence he was given for one rape, six sex attacks and the drugging of 12 women he duped into accepting a ride in his taxi.

The two women need to raise thousands of pounds for legal fees to mount their legal challenge.

:: Justice Secretary ‘to intervene’ on black cab rapist John Worboys release

The cab driven by Worboys
The cab driven by Worboys

Police believe Worboys attacked

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Parole chief admits rapist John Worboys COULD pose risk | Daily …

Black cab rapist John Worboys, 60, (pictured in a police mugshot) could still pose a risk to the public, the chairman of the Parole Board has admitted

Black cab rapist John Worboys, 60, (pictured in a police mugshot) could still pose a risk to the public, the chairman of the Parole Board has admitted

The chairman of the Parole Board has conceded there is a risk ‘black cab rapist’ John Warboys could attack women again when he is released at the end of the month.

Professor Nick Hardwick defended the board’s decision to release Worboys, but said he ‘could not pretend risk could be eliminated completely’. 

Official figures show there were 86 serious violent or sexual offences – such as murder, rape and child abuse – committed by criminals on parole between 2013 and 2016. 

The Parole Board

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Black cab rapist Worboys denied open prison move two years before being cleared for release – and lawyers warn …

BLACK cab rapist John Worboys was denied a move to an open prison two years before he was cleared for release.

His switch from a Category A prison was blocked because he refused to admit his crimes.

 Black cab rapist John Worboys was blocked from moving to an open prison two years ago
Black cab rapist John Worboys was blocked from moving to an open prison two years ago

Yet two years later, the Parole Board said he could go free in a decision that has provoked outrage.

His victims do not believe that anything has changed in such a short time to warrant freeing Worboys, who has served just nine years in prison.

Their lawyer, Richard Scorer, said: “This development is deeply troubling and raises numerous, urgent questions.

“What could possibly have changed so drastically that the board feel Worboys is now safe

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John Worboys: Rapist’s jail move bid refused in 2015 – BBC News

John WorboysImage copyright
Metropolitan Police

Rapist John Worboys was denied a move to a lower security open prison before he was granted parole, it has emerged.

The Parole Board denied his request in 2015 to be moved from high-security Wakefield Prison, after reading files and reports about him.

The ex-London black-cab driver was granted release in November last year, but ministers are considering a judicial review of the decision.

Worboys, 60, was convicted in 2009 of 19 offences against 12 women.

He was given an indefinite sentence and ordered to serve at least eight

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Shrink who urges leniency for pervs backed rapist Worboys’ release

THE decision to release black cab rapist John Worboys was backed by a psychologist accused of consistently urging leniency for sex offenders.

Dr Jackie Craissati wrote a report which contributed to a parole board agreeing to free Worboys, who was jailed for attacking 12 women but is suspected of preying on hundreds more.

 Dr Craissati has a history of appealing for soft justice
Dr Craissati has a history of appealing for soft justice

Yesterday it emerged Dr Craissati has a long history of appealing for soft justice for sex crime including 30 years of lobbying for paedophiles to be treated rather than punished.

Dr Craissati, 57, has argued that “excessive emphasis” on punishment can “increase an offender’s emotional instability”.
She has repeatedly supported the release of sex offenders, saying they should be “managed in the community” rather than locked up.

In a

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John Worboys: Justice Secretary David Gauke trying to halt rapist’s release from prison

Justice Secretary David Gauke is considering launching a judicial review in a bid to stop the release of black cab rapist John Worboys.

The government said Mr Gauke had sought legal advice on an attempt to reverse a Parole Board decision to free the serial sex attacker.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: “The Secretary of State commissioned mid-last week advice on the plausibility and the prospect of success in a judicial review. 

“He would only be minded to move forward on a Judicial Review if there was a reasonable prospect of success.”

London cab driver Worboys was jailed indefinitely in 2009, with a minimum term of eight years, for drugging and sexually assaulting female passengers. 

He was convicted of 19 offences relating to 12 victims but is suspected of being one of the country’s most prolific sex offenders. Police believe he could have attacked more than 100 victims in total.

The Parole Board’s decision to release him after nine years sparked

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John Worboys: CPS has ‘no plans’ to prosecute ‘black cab rapist …

Serial sex attacker John Worboys, who is known as the black cab rapist”, will not face further charges unless new referrals are made by the police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said. 

The 60-year-old was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting 12 victims in 2009. Croydon Crown Court heard at the time that he gave his victims champagne spiked with drugs before attacking them in the back of his taxi.

After his trial, detectives said that over the course of his 13-year career as a London taxi driver, he could have attacked more than 100 female passengers. At least 19 allegations that emerged after his conviction were not prosecuted, following consultation between the CPS and Metropolitan Police. There are no cases currently live.

Scotland Yard said it had no new information to send to the CPS, who in turn said it had ”no plans” to reassess 93 cases that had not been prosecuted against Worboys.

“Our decision-making was on the basis of all available evidence and there are no plans to review it,”

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